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What are rose volatiles and why do they matter?

Rose volatiles are the naturally occurring chemicals that give rosewater its unique aroma and healing qualities.

Volatiles are also the measure of the quality of the rosewater. Rosewater from Samaria Farm has at least twice the percentage of rose volatiles than imported rosewater.

Our rosewater is tested annually at Southern Cross University and year after year the results show that rose volatiles in Samaria Farm rosewater are in very high concentration, making ours a top quality product.

Soil, climate and rose variety affect rose water quality

The concentration of rose volatiles in rose water can be affected by the variety of rose, the type and condition of soil and the climatic conditions. Just like any organic product our rosewater hydrosols are high quality because of where our crops grow, and how they are grown.

Rosewater distilling process

Rosewater hydrosol has been distilled using similar methods for hundreds of years and at Samaria Farm we use a traditional distilling approach.

Because our rosewater is our main product instead of a by-product of oil production, it isn’t double processed.

Single distillation makes better rosewater, ensuring the ethyl alcohol and other volatiles are not diluted.

As the only commercial producer of rosewater in Australia, we focus on producing a top of the range hydrosol,

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