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The farm

The farm

Our approach to distilling and production

We’ve opted to use the century old process of steam distillation of our oils and hydrosol production. The single distillation process produces a higher concentration of essential oils in our hydrosols, giving them a distinct and lasting aroma.

Using our gas fired 200 litre still, the process takes between five and seven hours to complete. Twenty kilograms of of rosebuds picked at dawn make three to seven millilitres of precious essential oil and ten litres of hydrosol. The result makes it well worth the effort.

Damask roses

Damask roses were a favourite of the ancients and originated from Persia (modern day Iran). Historian accounts vary but it seems these roses were first aken to Europe in the 1200s or 1500s.

Traditionally Damask roses have been used for oil production, as well as in cooking.

The flowers are renowned for their fine fragrance and originate from the middle east.


We do not crush our citrus in the manufacture of oil. Instead, steam brings out the oil that sits just under the skin of the citrus. Ten kilograms of citrus yields around 80 millilitres of oil and ten litres of hydrosol.