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L & LM spray set



Lemon Kitchen Spray & Lemon Myrtle Room Deodoriser Set

includes : Lemon Kicthen Spray (375ml) & Lemon Mrytle Room Deodoriser Spray (375ml)
* Lemon Kitchen Spray
Product details 375ml

Our multi purpose surface spray is made from hydrosol distilled from our own estate Meyer lemons. Naturally antibacterial this Lemon Surface spray is ideal for the kitchen and bathroom leaving a fresh lemony scent to your bench tops and chopping boards.


Just spray lightly on to the surface and wipe clean with a dry, lint free cloth. Recommended for stainless steel, laminate, glass. Spot test first if cleaning natural stone bench tops.

Store in a cool dark place.

Ingredients:  ⓥ

Distilled from our estate grown lemons.

No additives. All natural. 100% pure

* Lemon Myrtle Room Deodoriser

Product details 375ml
100% Pure, Australian Made

375 ml

This lemony, revitalising room deodoriser eliminates unpleasant odours and is a safe alternative to chemically based products. To refresh bathrooms, kitchens and stale areas. Use on soft furnishing and linen for an uplifting, clean, fresh smell of lemon myrtle.


Spray into the air close to musty cupboards, around toilets and baths, pet beds and onto soft furnishings and drapes.
Store in a cool dark place or in a refrigerator.

Ingredients: ⓥ

Lemon myrtle hydrosol distilled from Backhousia Citridor (Lemon Myrtle) estate grown on Samaria Farm

No additives, all natural, 100% pure.


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