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Damask ‘Samaria Rose Water’ 100% Pure


100% Pure, Australian made.

A natural skin hydrator and restorer, a spray of rose water leaves your skin feeling fresh, soft and cool. It can be used any time and will not stain or leave any residue.

Roses and rosewater have been used for perfume and scent for centuries. Antiseptic, with a light scent that refreshes and uplifts, this Samaria Farm Damask rose water is presented in either a 100ml or a 50ml spray bottle, perfect for the tote bag or your bathroom cabinet.

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Directions – Damask ‘Samaria Rose Water’ 100% Pure Spray

Spritz rose water during the day to counter the drying effects of wind, sun or airconditioning and be uplifted by the subtle scent and antioxidant properties.

Gently mist the skin at any time to refresh and tone.

Store in a cool dark place or in a refrigerator.


Rose Water 100% Pure from our Rosa Damascena (Damask) roses

No additives. All natural. 100% pure


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