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Bugs and Bubbles



Bugs and Bubbles

Natural repellents and Handmade soap set !!

Safe for kids, smells australian bush, you need it in summer beach and camp to

protect all your family and friends.

Set includes,

* Vete Insect Spray 125ml (Samaria Farm )

* Uroombeauty selected one handamade soap


Vete : Insect spray 100% pure, Australian made

Send those insects packing with Samaria Farm Vete (Spanish for “Go Away”) is suitable for prolonged, continual use.

This 100% pure spray is a blend of lemon, lime and eucalyptus hydrosols. The all-natural spray will keep mosquitoes away, leaving your skin with a gentle fresh fragrance. Even safe on face and children !!

Its really works, must item to bring to camping, bush walking or beach!


Regularly mist the skin to refresh and keep mozzies away.


Lemon hydrosol from our estate grown lemons. Lime Hydrosol from our limes. Eucalyptus hydrosol from our blue gums.

No additives. All natural. 100% pure


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