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Rose Water is Mother Nature’s way of hydrating your skin organically

Hi Everyone, I would love to share with you why our ‘Damask Rosewater Mist Spray‘ is Mother Nature’s way to naturally hydrate your skin. With Mothers Day only a couple days away it seems fitting to acknowledge our Mother Earth. How Mother Earth supplies us with all we need to stay healthy and nurtured, particularly when we use what she provides organically.

Here on Samaria Farm our Rosewater is made by hand picking our roses, they are steam distilled only once, then bottled for you with nothing added. The purest of distilling process! We then have our Rosewater batches tested at Southern Cross University in Lismore, NSW, Australia with the results showing an exceptionally high proportion of essential oil suspended in our Rosewater, so amazing. Due to this, our Rosewater is superior at hydrating your skin compared to other imported Rosewaters on the market, something that we are very excited and proud of.

Samaria Farm is the only commercial ‘Damask Rose Farm’ in Australia. We all know that our skin is our largest organ and deserves to be treated with respect and only with the best chemical free products available.

Allan and I can promise you that you will love our Rosewater. We love it and we know when you try our Rosewater, you too will feel the difference it makes to your skin straight away.

Happy Mothers Day to Everyone

Love the Wild Flower


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