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Introducing Miron Glass Bottles for our Rosewater

Samaria Farm Rosewater Miron Spray Bottle

Samaria Farm Rosewater Miron Glass Spray bottle

Hi everyone!

I’ve got some really exciting news for our customers in this blog. We have just recently got two lovely ladies to join Allan and in our Damask Rose distilling business. Krista (Marketing) and Kazuko (Packaging & Distributing. We now are a team!

I will introduce you to them in a future blog, but Kazuko did do some research for us lately in finding the best packaging for our precious Rosewater. And oh, my Goodness, we are excited about what she found and what we read about these amazing bottles. They are called ‘Miron Glass’, this is a little of what Kazuko discovered about them.

The appreciation people have for the special protective qualities of violet glass can be traced back to Ancient Egyptian civilization. It is amazing that even back then, valuable essences and healing natural products were kept in Gold and Violet Glass containers.  It was also known that Alchemists during the middle ages were also aware of the special quality the shimmering violet glass had. The advancing industrialization and emergence of new packaging materials meant that violet glass faded into obscurity, however in 1995 the first industrial production was produced again.

Miron glass is a novel glassware and has demonstrated outstanding capabilities of preserving substance contained in it for extended periods. Rosewater, for example was kept fresh in Miron Glass for over 3-years without the use of artificial preservation techniques.

Miron Glass Benefit 

Why are we using Miron Glass Bottles?

Miron Glass has been traced back to Egypt, the same as our Damask Roses, it is poignant that they are meant ‘to be’. 

Protection against decomposition

  • Preservation of the natural bio-energy of organic compounds
  • Protection from visible-light spectrum
  • Boost the potency of the stored compound
  • Protection against changes to the molecular structure of the compound

How does Miron Glass Work?

Miron Glass allows only violet, ultraviolet, and infrared rays to pass through. It works as a natural light filter, blocking the complete range of light.  This usually responsible for the negatively affecting the lifespan and quality of glass stored goods. In a nutshell, it lengthens the durability and potency of the products.

So, you can see, this is why we are now using Miron Glass for our Rosewater, we believe our Rosewater deserves nothing but the best and we will protect the potency of our pure Rosewater from the distilling process to your home. It is this reason that in the past we have always stored our Rosewater carefully and refrained from selling in retail stores where they could just sit on a shelf and spoil. We store our Rosewater in sealed kegs and bottle when needed.

Our Organic Pure Rosewater will have the perfect home being stored in these Miron Glass bottles, they will keep fresh and uncontaminated, nothing but the best for our customers benefits.


The Wild Flower ‘Vicki’



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