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How to stay cool with our rosewater spray

The weather is hot – very hot – and we have the solution to your heat problems! – our refreshing, hydrating 100% Australian rosewater.

On those scorching summer days, keep a spray bottle in the fridge and one in your bag, so you can always have a cool mist to refresh you.

If you’re an office worker and able to escape the heat in a cool building all day, keep your skin hydrated to counter the drying effects of air conditioning. A quick spritz before meetings will help you feel fresh and calm when the heat is on!

You can even spray it over makeup – without having to worry about smudging or blotching from the fine, refreshing mist.

Rosewater will refresh and revitalise

Rosewater tones your skin, relaxes your mind and calms your senses, which is  just what we all need in these hot summer months.

I love having one on hand wherever I go – I even keep one in my pocket when out gardening or out for a walk.


Here’s my little wellbeing secret – unscrew the top of the rosewater spray bottle and splash some rosewater into a cool glass of water, with heaps of ice. It tastes yummy, helps me keep hydrated from the inside and is so refreshing!

I’d love to hear how you use rosewater to keep cool in summer! Comment below, connect on Facebook or email!


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