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Farm Tours

Farm tours

Samaria Farm opens the gates to allow you to come and see the working farm in action. Learn the history of Samaria Farm which dates back to the 1800s with original features and structure of the homestead and a single mans shed that is still in use today but for other purposes like storing animal feed.

The farm has a plantation of 3000 Damask Roses, Olive Gove, Citrus Orchard, stock yards and also home to many chickens, a flock or harlequin sheep and turkeys, all of which are lovingly named. The tour includes the distilling plant where all the distilling of Damask Roses and Citrus to make essential oils, rosewater and hydrosols.

The tour includes morning or afternoon tea, lunches or buffet can be also arranged as part of a package using produce from the farm, tour packages can be tailor made to suit your group.

Prices start from $15 per person, group bookings are minimum of 10 people per booking, contact Vicki to arrange a tour.

Essential Oil Workshop

Discover the ancient art of essential oil distillation in this hands-on workshop at the beautiful and fragrant Samaria Farm. You will learn the secrets of the century-old process of steam distillation to create distinct and lasting aromas. Participants will have the opportunity to pick, prepare and pack the either lemon, lemon, myrtle or limes into the still.

While the distillation is processing, amble on a guided tour through the expansive rose plantations, olive, citrus and lemon myrtle groves. A delicious lunch on the verandah follows, with a glass of local wine. Take home some of your very own essential oil at the end of the day.

* available all year round

Rose Water Workshop

At this unique workshop learn how to extract rosewater and rose oil from Damask roses at Samaria Farm. Rosewater has been used over the centuries for personal use as a skin refresher and perfume. Rosewater is a natural skin hydrator and restorer. At this workshop, experience every stage in the process, from picking buds at daybreak, through to distillation and bottling. Delicious meals provided, and accommodation packages are also available in our two bedroom cabin on the property with views over the valley and our plantations. Take home two bottles of rosewater spray, included in the cost of the workshop!

* available October and November only