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Be a part of our Samaria Rose water Farm by becoming a Samaria Rosewater Distributor!

Samaria Farm Distributors Opportunity

Samaria Farm’s signature product is the ‘Samaria Rosewater’, and with this, they are offering the opportunity to invite others to be apart of their ‘Samaria Family’ by becoming a distributor.

Alan and Vicki purchased Samaria Farm in 2010, this stunning property is located in Victoria’s northeast and is a permaculture designed 22-acre farm which includes 2,000 Damask Rose water producing plantation and a distillation plant.

The plantation is proudly the largest Damask Rose water Plantation in Australia, and it is where they produce one of the world’s most purest Rosewaters & high quality essential oils, hydrosols, soaps and more.

Allan and Vicki call this their ‘labour of love’. Their passion and love for their farm is evident in the supreme quality of their products.

As a valued distributor you will receive:

  • 12 x 100ml Samaria Rosewater Sprays 12 x 50mlSamaria Rosewater Sprays 12 x 5ml Rose Roll onPerfumes
  • As a new distributor you will receive a Distillation Workshop and training, including one night’s accommodation Samaria Farm (Travel not included)
  • Invite to the Annual Networking event, during the harvest season.

For further information and a copy of the prospectus contact us here!

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