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We enjoy welcoming visitors to Samaria Farm, the largest Rose Farm in Australia. Our passion for pure, clean essential oil and hydrosol production is matched by our love for the farm, with its expansive rose plantations and olive, citrus and lemon myrtle groves.

Farm tours and group bookings available, find yourself refreshed and invigorated. Take some of the farm home with you in bottles of essential oil, rosewater and hydrosols – and if you want to stay longer, a cosy cottage with a view provides accommodation for two couples or a family.

Vicki and Allan Wight

How to get here

About us

We purchased Samaria Farm in 2010 and since then it has been our labour of love. This stunning property in Victoria’s north east had been designed and planted to permaculture principles and included a plantation of 3000 Damask roses (rosa x damascena) and a distillation plant.

We spent our first two years at Samaria Farm getting to know the property and finding a vision that set us on a path to producing high quality product oils, hydrosols, cordials, soaps and more.

Within two years of purchasing the property we were producing essential oils and the less concentrated ‘flower water’ produced by distilling fresh leaves, fruits, flowers, and other plant materials. Known as hydrosols, these aromatic waters offer similar therapeutic properties to essential oils, without the high concentration.

From farmers market to farm produce store

Starting with Farmers Markets we began to sell essential oils and hydrosols. The markets kept us away from the property we had grown to love and we realised that the farm provided an opportunity, with existing buildings and views across the Samaria valley.

We have now refreshed Samaria Farm to include a small store (renovated from the original garage).