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Samaria Farm, who are we?

We love Roses!
We are Samaria Farm, a pretty special Damask Rose plantation in North East Victoria Australia. My husband and I are two very passionate Rose growers that just love producing Premium Organic Rosewater and Rose Oil, including our organic skin care products. And we look forward to sharing our products with you. So in saying that, we feel it is time to reveal our storey to allow you to learn about what we do at Samaria Farm. My name is Vicki and I have a husband Allan and we have been together for 33 years, WOW sounds a long time and kind of makes me feel old (but I am not), 50’s are the new 40’s sot they say!!!
We are so in Love!
We love living our holistic lifestyle and working from home. Our home our Garden of Eden. We have lots of Roses (thousands) fruit tree’s, citrus grove, olive grove, veggie garden and our beautiful mini sheep and chooks who make up our farm. We grow everything organically including our Damask Roses and our farm is permaculturally designed.

We have learnt along the way! As we have ventured into the world of Rose Oil and Rosewater distilling. It has been a slow process but with steady awakening of how special and unique our Samaria Farm is, and particularly, our Damask Rose plantation. It is so amazing to be able to experience growing and distilling pure organic Rose Oil, an ingredient that is one of the most expensive ingredients in the perfume world. I look forward to sharing with you later this year, our harvest time, our farm life and our joy in producing our amazingRosewater and Rose Oil. It is so precious and irresistible and our Damask Roses are our pride and joy.

So that is just a little start on what we are and what we do at Samaria Farm. I look forward to sharing with you in my future blogs more on why we do what we do, and who we are. I will enjoy giving you tips on how to best use our Rosewater. Please feel free to send me any questions. I am so excited about getting to know you and you all getting to know us and our beautiful farm.Sharing the healing love of Rosewater.

Best wishes your Wild Flower, Vicki.








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